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Hookah Charcoals are essential thing for hookah lovers during their session. Without having a good coal, one can’t think of good Shisha experience.

To get dense smoke, easy flow and smooth inhale, we recommend you to invest wisely on Hookah Charcoals. Of course, it depends on your pocket as well. But, we are providing you varieties of coals for hookah with different budget categories. Check them out below.

There are different kind of charcoals for hookah:-

  • Coconut Coal
  • Magic Coal (Quick Lighting Coal)
  • Brick Coal

What are their features ?

Coconut Coals Magic Coal
(Quick Lighting Coal)
Brick Coal
– Not very expensive
– Available in different sizes
– Best for heat management systems i.e. Kaloud etc.
– Amazing in quality
– Gives dense smoke
– Last long
– No bad odour during sessions
– Naturally made
– Lights quickly, even with a match stick
– Best for traveling purpose
– Outdoor hookah sessions are dependent on it
– Better brands are recommended
– Great for car users as well
– Running since long in market, specially India
– Lights faster on gas
– Cheap in price as well
– Recommended for budget customers